PA-22/20 N9314D


Piper PA-22/20 Pacer, 4 Place, 0-320-B1B Lycoming

October 3, 2002

As an introduction I am not the owner of this aircraft the owner is absentee working overseas. I am not a broker. I am the IA that did the Annual inspection on September 4, 2002. I am a Commercial pilot with about 9,000 hrs. in small aircraft. I am a mechanic with extensive experience in steel tubing and fabric aircraft.

Following is a transcript of the logbooks.

The aircraft was manufactured and certified on August 12, 1958 as a Piper PA-22 S/N 22-6325, N9314D.

The next entry in the airframe logbook is on January 12, 1959 to replace Left and Right wings and motor mount/nose wheel.

On November 29, 1959 the aircraft received an airworthy inspection.

On March 12, 1964 there is a repair of the firewall area and the aircraft was metalized in accordance with STC’s 327,282 and 325.

On July 30, 1977 the aircraft was converted to a PA-20 in accordance with STC SA45RM.

Next entry is not dated but the tachometer time is the same as the conversion, the entry is for repairing the Right wing after and accident.

November 6, 1985 the last entry in the original logbook is for removing the engine and installing a 0-320-B2B.

March 30, 1987 entry for repair of right main gear to correct a misalignment problem.

No entries until April 8, 1993 this is for removal of the 0-320-B2B engine.

May 25, 1994 recover of tail feathers and installation of copper battery cables in accordance with STC SA3531NM.

July 28, 1995 an extensive logbook entry stating assembly of the aircraft and annual inspection. At this time the following items were installed. Sealed wing lift struts, ELT, and installation of Lycoming 0-320-B1B engine.

May 4, 1998 an annual inspection showing un-airworthy for some minor items but the main one being the engine model.

August 16, 1999 an extensive annual inspection by the same company that did the annual on July 28, 1994. This entry also substantiates the model change of the engine in accordance with Lycoming SI 1435.

May 20, 2002 replace the last 12 inches of the lower fuselage tubing.

September 4, 2002 extensive annual inspection. Replacement of 5 inches of tubing at passenger front door post. Exhaust system was modified to incorporate slip joints in the crossover pipes.


Airframe T. T. 2,618 we have the original logbooks.

Engine T.T 2,554 T.S.O. 62 we have the original logbooks.

Propeller T.T estimate 2,000 we do not have original log books and time is an estimate.

All AD note are accounted for.

The aircraft is equipped with a King KT76A transponder and KY97A communication radio. No radio navigation equipment is installed.

The cosmetic condition of the aircraft in my opinion is on a scale of 1to 10, 10 being the best is a 5 in and out. Needs TLC.

The mechanical condition of the aircraft on the same scale in my opinion is a 9.

This aircraft is a converted PA-22-150 with a 160 engine in it. You may find all specifications in the PA-22 listings and operational publications. The empty weight is 1,206 Lbs. Gross weight and unusable fuel will be found in the aircraft type data sheet and operations publications. 

Research accomplished by

John P. Paxton

Call Jeff Stanford at 912-882-4359.

Thank you

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