Day 15 

The inspection is well along. The fuel tank internal inspection is completed. The front and rear spar external inspection is complete. The fuselage internal and external inspection has also been completed. The window frame Ultra Sound inspection indicated some corrosion at the top of passenger window # 7 on the pilot side of the aircraft.

The wing leading edge is in the process of being reinstalled, the window is being repaired and the fuel tank inspection panels are being readied for installation.

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                          Wing leading edge installation.                                        Window repair.                    Fuel Tank closing started



             Day15-9.JPG (156546 bytes)                                                                                         Day15-10.JPG (144401 bytes)  

Fuel Tank covers ready for installation.                       The aircraft Captain (the one in the middle with the light blue shirt) decided that

                                                                                           more than 3 feet from the ground without an airplane was to high.