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                                                           The beginning 

                                        DSC00324.JPG (906829 bytes)     DSC00333.JPG (879281 bytes)  

                                    Ready to be prepared for the first coat of paint.

                                            DSC00340.JPG (797804 bytes)       DSC00344.JPG (892502 bytes)  

This is the primer coat                 The first coat of color         Final color coat

  DSC00350.JPG (912399 bytes)                         DSC00353.JPG (916194 bytes)                 DSC00360.JPG (852988 bytes) 


                      Completed and ready for the first test run.

                                      DSC00362.JPG (911751 bytes)


                     This is a Kitsap steel kit. Total time to complete was about 25 Hrs.


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